Rebel Fitness Bar

We aim to transform your mind + body from the inside out.

Rebel Fitness Bar is a private social studio for all to enjoy. Located in Brooklyn's Prospect Lefferts, Rebel allows their clients a space to unwind and break free from their daily routine, by reconnecting with themselves.

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  • Personal Training

  • Personal trainer space

  • Dance Practice

  • Specialty Sessions

  • Photography Rental

Our NEW “Two of A Kind” Couples Intimate Experience is an experience unlike any other. These sensual and sexually stimulating workouts were designed to get you looking good as well as feeling amazing.

Two of a Kind Couples Experience is an intimate couple experience. It takes two people to make the magic happen and a third person that moderates it all

If you and your significant other want to expand your love for each other and ignite the fire that brought you together, this is the experience for you.For those of you who are ready to take the next step in your relationship, or grow closer with your partner, this is the experience for you. Attending is a unique and fun way to break the ice between couples while connecting on a deeper level.

When you experience Two of a Kind session, you and your partner will be able to come back home with a new, unbreakable bond between you both.

A fun night out, a romantic escape, or a celebration of your love, TWO OF A KIND is there for you.